Hi there.

At the age of fourteen I stepped foot into my very first darkroom and fell hard for photography. I ran around with a camera in hand during my high school years and then went on to major in photography after. I took a break professionally to raise a few babies, but all the while keeping my trusty Nikon close by at all times. 

Being able to photograph love at its prime and finest - whether it be a new soul entering the world, a darling family, or the day you marry the love of your life - is my forever and ever dream. Through my lens, I see more. I watch fleeting moments, big and small, more carefully. And then I catch them for you to keep for all your days. My hope is that I can help you remember these moments and phases of life that pass us by much too quickly. 

I am in this to tell stories - your story. At any given time, I want you to be able to look back at the images I create for you and feel the moment, the love, the brilliance of your life. I prefer to avoid over staging and forcing emotions. I want to capture natural connections, feelings, and all of the single, real moments that tie together to tell the story.